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Weighted Blankets Plus offers an innovative alternative to reduce anxiety and promote deep and restful sleep. Described as being like receiving the best hug ever, weighted blankets give a new meaning to the word 'comforter'. They work by providing firm, deep pressure stimulation that gives a reassuring and cossetting feeling of calm. Additionally, the weighting material inside our blankets produces a stroking, tactile-like sensation as you move, similar to being lightly caressed. This can also lessen anxiety and reduce over stimulation.

Our company began more than 5 years ago when our two children were diagnosed with autism. Like many concerned parents, we had to discover ways to meet their needs on a strict budget. So we started to make homemade weighted therapy products to ease their anxiety and help them to enjoy better quality and deeper sleep.

We told our friends and neighbors about our success and after hearing stories of difficulties they had with their restless children we were soon making small weighted blankets or autism weighted blankets for many other families. This eventually led to us founding our company, Weighted Blankets Plus, motivated by the desire to provide affordable therapy products for all who need them. We are an American company and are proud to say that every item we sell is made in the USA. It has been like this since day one.

Aside from weighted blankets, we also offer weighted neck wraps, weighted lap pads, and weighted stuffed animals. More than just sleeping aids, our weighted therapy products can improve focus, provide sensory input and instill a sense of calm. They offer benefits in a variety of settings such as in the classroom, clinic or hospital and on the go.

All our products are made with high-quality, durable materials that stand the test of time. They are filled with non-toxic and odorless glass beads that have been tested for quality and safety. Unlike some foreign imports, our weighted blankets, weighted neck wraps, weighted lap pads, and weighted stuffed toys contain ZERO arsenic and ZERO lead.

We have enjoyed an exciting and rewarding journey in creating these wonderful weighted therapy products that bring so much comfort to others. If you or your children have trouble sleeping or have problems with stress and anxiety, Weighted Blankets Plus is here to help you.

Offering everyday items that improve our customers' quality of life is our passion.


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide you with unparalleled levels of comfort by reducing stress and anxiety and offering an uninterrupted night’s sleep to help you enjoy life to the fullest.

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